Originally founded as an electrical company in 1972, our founder Karl Mittermayr quickly recognized the growing importance of heat pumps in the future, which were widely unknown at that time. Through targeted investing in research and development wich commenced in 1979, the company was able to secure itself a distinct role in the industry through numerous innovations and patents.

The two sons, Dominik and Klemens Mittermayr, assumed leadership of the organization in 2001.
With the increasing demand for our products and services, the number of employees has multiplied and the company´s facility has doubled to an area of 1.500 sq.m. In parallel with this growth in the heat pump and heat recovery industry, M-TEC has also been successfully expanding capabilities into the areas of refrigeration and ventilation technology. A complementary activity in the field of photovoltaics has alsohelped to expand the energy conscious portfolio of products and service.



The original company, Mittermayr, was founded in 1972 by Mr. Karl Mittermayr. Since then, M-TEC has proven itself as an innovative family establishment with its headquarter in the Upper Mühlviertel, in Upper Austria.

By 1979 the company was specializing in heat pump heating systems.

The first "ground-source direct-steam heat pump heating system" in Austria was constructed in 1984.

By 1988 M-TEC had installed the first low-temperature wall heating system.

1994: The first M-TEC installation of controlled domestic ventilation.

By 1996 M-TEC had installed their fresh domestic-water systems.

1997: Initiation of in-house production of hot water heat pumps.

1999: Development of the CO2 ground probe.

2001: The organization changed its name to M-TEC Mittermayr GmbH and established a new company building.

2003 Development of cooling heat group (Energy Saving System).

2007: Doubling of building facility foot-print.

2011 Company name changed to M-TEC Energie.Innovativ GmbH

2013 Founding of M-TEC Kältetechnik GmbH

2015 Founding of M-TEC GmbH and development of the M-TEC heat pump

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