M-TEC also takes energy efficiency for granted concerning refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. In reality, an unfortunate fact is that only low investment costs are decisive for placing an order. Running operating costs often do not play a role here. More particularly, not the cheapest offer is often the best one in the longer term, but technologies with minimal operating costs and thus short amortisation periods.

The energy consumption of a refrigerating plant makes the largest contribution to operating costs. When you consider the life time of a refrigerating plant, investment costs amount to only 20%, operating costs however to 80%. The ultimate aim should thus be to construct energy-efficient refrigerating plants.

A careful handling of energy resources is not an empty slogan for us, but also common practice. Refrigeration and air-conditioning systems are being, if technically possible, always designed to recover exhaust theat. Furthermore, we use performance-controlled compressors in our refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. This benefits not only the customer but also the environment and thus us all, due to decreased energy consumption.

Our customers include private customers, commercial customers and the industry. Our strength lies in customized plants, which are being planned and realized across systems.


Our scope of service includes:

• Compound systems
• Liquid chillers
• Normal and deep-freeze cold storage cells
• Special systems

 Air Condition

The heat load in residential buildings increases due to the increased use of glass as a building material. As a result, air condition gained new importance in the private sector. In order to use that comfort with a clear conscience, M-TEC offers air condition systems with efficient technology. Air condition systems can also be ideally combined with a photovoltaics system, as the photovoltaics plant supplies maximum yield for extremely high cooling demands during summer.
Air condition systems can also be efficiently used as a heating device during transitional periods (heat pump principle).


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