Energy from ground water

Ground water offers constant temperatures throughout the year of about 10°C and is thus very well suitable as a heat source. 

The heat source system consists of a drawing well, a feed pump, a water pump and a non-return well. An underwater pump located in the drawing well transports the ground water to the heat pump.


In the heat pump, zero cost renewable solar energy is being obtained from ground water via a heat exchanger and given off in the form of heat or domestic water through a heat pump process. The cooled water will then be led back to the ground water via the non-return well. A prerequisite for the optimal function of a ground water pump is a sufficient water quantity with constant temperatures and the quality of the ground water.



  • low space requirement, thus suitable for new buildings and renovations
  • constant heat source throughout the entire year, even in case of very low outside temperatures
  • year round use for heating and warm water preparation
  • passive cooling of buildings via ground water possible



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