heat pumps - Our environment is full of energy!

You are facing the difficult decision of choosing the right heating system for your home for the next few decades. Independent of which system you choose, your goal should be to focus on independent energy sources and to keep down energy costs as much as possible. 

Heat pumps are safe, cheap and environmentally friendly and impress owners with their lowest heating costs due to  thermal gain through soil (flat-plate collector or deep drilling), ground water or external air.
The planning, dimensioning and installation of a heat pump system requires a certificated heat-pump installer such as M-TEC, who guarantees individual solutions based on many years of proven experience and technical know-how.  

The sun is a reliable energy supplier and produces a multiple of the energy compared to what is used by us. The large quantities of sun energy are being stored in the soil, water and air. Heat pumps make this energy (ambient heat) usable for you!

The innovative heating system obtains up to 80% of the required energy from the environment. Only 20% has to be delivered by electricity to reach 100% heat output.


Thus, heat pumps are suitable as individual complete solutions or as additional support for older heating systems. Heat distribution is implemented by means of underfloor and wall heating or conventional radiators. Even in the case of low outside temperatures, you can rely on your heat pump. The energy stored in the environment is sufficient, and has been proven to supply a house with cozy warmth all year long. 

M-TEC coordinates the planning, dimensioning and installation of your heat pump system. We are a certificated heat-pump installer and guarantee individual solutions based on our 35 years of experience and know-how. M-TEC has the experience backed by an installed base of over 5.000 heat pump systems in private houses and business facilities.

Quick reaction to repair and maintenance requests are important to us. Our in-house, highly trained customer service is available to you an on weekends to ensure your system is available when you need it.


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