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cold storage cell

The efficient use of energy has the uppermost priority at M-TEC. Refrigerating plants, if technically possible, are always designed to recover exhaust heat. In walk-in fridges for example, a cold storage cell is integrated in a section of the pantry, whose exhaust heat is being used to produce warm water.

Cold storage cells offer a vast storage capacity, thus he conventional fridge can be kept small.  

Besides groceries, also beverages can easily and clearly be stored. As ever more houses are being built without a cellar, M-TEC's cold storage cell here offers a very good possibility to cool your food supplies. 


wine refrigeration

Also wine cellars can be cooled at a constant temperature. M-TEC's refrigeration technology offers an interesting possibility to optimally store the fermented juice of grapes in basement rooms, which normally have a too warm temperature or show temperature fluctuations. Your wine can be stored at a constant temperature throughout the entire year, thus the quality of the wine will not be affected by temperature fluctuations. Exhaust heat can here also be used to heat domestic water.



air conditioning

The retained heat in residential buildings increases due to the increased use of glass as a building materia, wich allows for a high level of solar transmission an warming interior air. As a result, air conditioning has gained new importance in the private sector. In order to use that comfort with a clear conscience, M-TEC offers air conditionin systems with efficient technology. Air conditioning systems can also be ideally combined with a photovoltaics system, as the photovoltaics plant supplies maximum yield for extremely high cooling demands during summer. Air conditioning systems can also be efficiently used as a heating device during transitional periods (heat pump principle).




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