hygienic air conditions

Even on cold winter days, where ventilation is normally inadequate, you will be provided with sufficient fresh air. In addition, pollutants and CO2 (carbon dioxide) will be removed.  

Less dust exposure and noise pollution from the outside

Due to the usage of supply and exhaust air filters, the dust exposure will be reduced in living rooms. Additionally, there is the possibility to use pollen filters in the supply air, thus allergy suffers will be able to breath again in their own four walls. It is not necessary to open the windows, due to the continuous air exchange. Noise will stay outside and nothing else will stand between you and your restful night's sleep.  
Less energy consumption due to heat recovery


The filter must be changed regularly

When using conventional window ventilation, precious space heat is being lost to the outside and cold air enters. This leads to an increase in heating costs, which can be prevented by using a controlled living room ventilation.


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