M-TEC. OUR mission statement

We focus on sustainability; Our company makes a significant contribution to climate protection with to our energy-efficient solutions.


Our identity and our mission

  • we are an innovative company with internally- developed
    products and the willingness and desire to develop new solutions.
  • We recognize energy as a precious resource Weltkugel_Leitbild_m-tec
  • we make a significant contribution to climate protection with our energy -efficient solutions
  • together with our customers we take responsibility for the
    environment and our fellow man



Our company is characterized by Christian values:

  • respectful interaction
  • honesty towards our customers, our employees, suppliers and authorities
  • social responsibility



We supply private customers (both, new construction and renovation projects), commercial and industrial markets:

  • competent interdisciplinary advice
  • internal planning
  • optimization of existing plants (heat recovery)
  • system solutions tailored to respective demands in order to save energy and reduce costs sustainably
  • adherence to installation dates
  • installation of highly efficient heat pump systems
  • the best project management (coordination, check lists - construction site information...)
  • support with applications for funding and authorization procedures
  • reliable service


Customer attraction

  • our values create trust
  • clear conscience towards nature and fellow man
  • minimum energy costs with maximum comfort
  • an investment that pays off in many ways (ecologically ,-& economically)


Our skills and resources

  • we are specialists in the areas of heat pumps, heat recovery, refrigeration technology, ventilation technology and photovolthaics
  • highly skilled employees is assured by continuous training and education
  • the company´s structure enables short and effective decision-making processes
  • we maintain partnerships with experienced suppliers
  • we collaborate with universities and research institutions


Our general objectives

  • we want to expand the prominence of the brand M-TEC in Europe
  • we want to further extend our market-leading position in Austria concerning the quality of heat pump systems
  • we want to become an innovative provider of energy efficiency solutions
  • we engage in continuous research and development
  • we encourage appointment-oriented project work (optimal benefits for the customer and our company)
  • we want our customers to feel comfortable with our systems and that they are sure they have made the right investment


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