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Quick flood aid

M-TEC supports customers unbureaucratically

All customers of M-TEC who have been affected by the century flood received immediate competent help as well as financial support.

Employees of the company M-TEC Energie.Innovativ GmbH voluntarily provided their work performance in order to eliminate all damages at the 32 heat pump systems. By the doubling of the donated working hours on the part of the management, the costs for the entire working time and all additional costs as well as 50 percent of the material costs were reduced for the affected customers.

Immediately after the slowing of flood-waters, the service team repaired all affected heating devices in the interest of sustainability. M-TEC customers were supplied with warm water immediately thanks to this rapid intervention.

„Social responsibility is not an empty slogan for us. It was our desire to offer immediate help in this emergency situation. We were overwhelmed by the great willingness of our employees to help.” (Dominik and Klemens Mittemermayr, executive directors of M-TEC)

M-TEC sets a good example with this emergency aid and once again proves its social commitment. For years now M-TEC supports people in need with its core competences.

Foto (Matthias Lauber):
This heat pump affected by the flood was also repaired by M-TEC

(life-)Energy for children suffering from cancer

M-TEC provided the adventure farm in Wels-Oberlaab for children who suffer from cancer with a modern heating system. 

In 2008, far away from hustle and bustle of everyday life, a farmhouse in a quiet location was changed into a adventure farm for children suffering from cancer. The children are offered a relaxed environment, which should help them to gather new strength after their hospital stay. During a 14-day stay free of charge, the children can gather new energy and enjoy being a child. 

At the adventure farm in Wels-Oberlaab there is a playground, petting zoo, sports ground, support by trained child and youth minders and much more. The children can experience lighthearted days there and process their psychological stress. 

Donate joy and become a godparent:







M-TEC installed a
modern heating system:

  • Geothermal-heat plant with fresh domestic water preparation (1.000 litre tank)
  • Two heat pumps, heated area: approx. 850 m2, heating load 32 kW

aid project in Albania

M-TEC stepped in and helped directly on site when it realized the emergency situation that was created when hundreds of thousands of people fled from Kosovo to Albania.

In 1999 and 2000, when 600.000 refugees came from Kosovo to Albania, the Protestant municipality in Erseka started a huge aid project. A former warehouse was reconstructed to a centre for temporary employment, available to children, teenagers and adults from Albania. Furthermore, a cooperation with the missionary community Schloss Klaus was created. In 2001, a new Torchbearer community was founded, in order to give the temporary employment centre a roof.

M-TEC supported this project from the very beginning energetically. In 2001, when the renovation and the reconstruction of the former warehouse started, M-TEC planned and installed the heat pump system. The underfloor heating has since been installed in the entire building complex in three construction phases. A six-week training course for an Albanian citizen- was held in Arnreit, to help prepare an individual who today supervises the facility there.

Today, this former warehouse accommodates a leisure centre including a Bible school with approximently. 10-20 students per term. In addition, it also offers adult education as well as leisure-youth camps.




Since 2004, the building is heated by a heat pump of M-TEC. M-TEC installed the system, only material costs were accounted. The senior leader personnaly undertook the installation of the system.

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