Due to the rapid rise in energy prices and the climate change, it became one of the most important tasks to use energy in a reasonable and economical way. In the commerce and industry, there is a great potential to save energy.

M-TEC fouces on the use of existing exhaust heat. An enormous quantity of primary energy can be saved by optimal planning and advice. 
We reduce your energy costs and minimize the primary energy use (i.e. electricity, oil, gas) thanks to our innovative energy management and our cross-system competence.
This potential (exhaust heat from refrigerating plants as well as from other processes) can be used, inter alia, in the following areas:


• Manufacturing plants
• bakeries
• gastronomy
• supermarkets
• butchers


Heat Recovery from Refrigerating Plants

By generating coolness by means of refrigerating plants, a vast amount of heat is being released. This exhaust heat is often blown outside unused.
The primary aim of each refrigerating plant is constant temperature maintenance inside the refrigerating cabinets and rooms. The exhaust heat could be used however in a very efficient way here. 

Heat Recovery in Supermarkets

Customers demand a large selection of different products with perfect quality. Dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meat and sausage products as well as frozen food products require an optimal cooling. Due to this high cooling demand, a high amount of exhaust heat is produced, which is normally blown outside unused. In order to use this heat effectively, M-TEC developed the Cooling heat group.

This system heats supermarkets by the refrigerating plant, thus a convential heating system can be omitted. The exhaust heat from the refrigerating plant is used for heating, instead of blowing it outside without even using it. Thus up to 100% of heating costs can be saved.

If the exhaust heat of the refrigerating plant is not sufficient on very cold winter days, the lacking heating energy is obtained by ground-source probes. This heat pump function is passed on to the Cooling heat group.

The Cooling heat group was developed by M-TEC in collaboration with HAUSER in 2003 and is patented. Meanwhile, more than 150 supermarkets of Spar, Hofer, Penny, Lidl, Wedl, MPreis und Sutterlütty are in operation. In 2006, we were awarded the Energy Globe Award for the development of this system. 


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Due to the reduction of operating costs, the competitiveness of your company is being increased sustainably and the dependence on rising energy prices is being reduced. Exhaust heat and ambient heat are cost-free forms of energy which should be used effectively.

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