domestic water

A heat pump can also be used for domestic water generation.

Fresh domestic water

To have warm water available at the desired quantity and temperature is a major part of our everyday life. We take it for granted that this water is also hygienic. Conventional warm water tanks often cannot fulfill this requirement.

For fresh warm water preparation, the service water is heated while flowing through the pipes of the heat exchanger and as such, the formation of legionella is almost excluded. For this hygienic warm water preparation, an output temperature of 50°C is normally sufficient. An electrical additional heating is therefore not necessary.

There are two possibilities to prepare fresh domestic water

domestic water preparation by an external heat exchanger            

The heat exchanger used for heating the service water is located outside of a buffer storage tank, which contains the required storage volume for domestic water.

If domestic water is extracted from a tap, the stored hot water will be pumped through the plate heat exchanger and thus heats up the cold service water, which flows through the plate heat exchanger on the other side.


• hygienically optimal due to lowest water quantity in the heat exchanger
• no formation of legionella
• suitable for high domestic water consumption
• no electrical additional heating necessary
• reduced chalk algae
• long lifetime




domestic water preparation by an internal heat exchanger

In contrast to the external domestic water preparation, the heat exchanger used for the domestic water preparation is located inside of the buffer tank in the form of a pipe coil. 

If warm water is extracted from a tap, the cold service water flows through the pipe coil, which is surrounded by the hot stored water. Thus, the service water is being heated as it passes through the coil, rather then stored and potentially contaminated with bacteria.



• omission of recirculation pump
• lowest operating costs
• no formation of legionella
• no electrical additional heating required
• reduced chalk algae
• A long life



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