controlled living SPACE ventilation

Exhaust air is specifically vented in certain rooms (toilett, kitchen, bath,...) by a special pipe system containing hygienic plastic (polyethylene), and other rooms (living-, sleeping-, children's room) are provided with fresh incomeing air.

The exhaust air is blown outdoors by a ventilation device via a heat exchanger. The exhaust air gives off about 90% of its temperature to the fresh air that is also led through the heat exchanger. The thus already heated supply air can be reheated if required and is then blown into the rooms.

Different heat exchangers are used for the ventilation system. Here, we distinguish between rotary heat exchanger and countercurrent heat exchanger. 

rotary heat exchanger

Here, each canal is as long as the rotor wide. Exhaust air circulates through one half of the rotor (i.e. top), fresh air circulates through the other half (i.e. bottom).

This system enables a level of humidity recovery from the exhaust air, which counteracts excessively dry air during cold seasons. Furthermore, antifreeze is not mandatory for rotary heat exchangers. Thus, fresh air can also be taken in at temperatures beneath 0°C.

Zuluft = supply air, Abluft = exhaust air,
Außenluft = external air, Fortluft = outgoing air

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countercurrent heat exchanger

Here, supply air and exhaust air are being led through the plate pack of the heat exchanger in crossed and opposite directions. Thus, most of the heat is transferred from the exhaust air to the supply air.  

Due to the encounter of cold and warm air, it is possible to fall below the dew point in the heat exchanger plates. The resulting condensation water is drained via an outflow.

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